Right to Life

March for Life in Tiffin, Ohio on January 17, 2021

Be a Witness and Defend Life 

Our Heartfelt Thanks to our Sponsors and Patrons and to everyone who participated in the Tiffin Right to Life 'CELEBRATE LIFE' Fundraiser Event on October 31st.  God Bless all of you for your generosity!

Tiffin Right to Life - Mission Statement
The mission of Tiffin Right to Life is to pray and to spread public awareness of the inherent dignity of innocent human life from conception until natural death and to support traditional marriage and families and beginning- and end-of-life issues, morality and organ donation in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. 
Because Tiffin Right to Life is a 501(c)(4) tax entity, contributions are not tax deductible.   However, we are thankful for financial support to carry out our mission of educating the public about life matters.   To donate, please make checks payable to Tiffin Right to Life and mail to:  Tiffin Right to Life, P.O. Box 512, Tiffin, OH  44883.  

Contact us via US Mail:

Tiffin Right to Life

P.O. Box 512

Tiffin, OH 44883

Contact us via email:


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