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Please see our "Recent Billboards" and our "Previous Billboards" pages for additional messages we have used.

We lease commercial billboard space in Tiffin and Seneca County for pro-life messages to raise awareness for the sanctity and dignity of human life from the time of conception until natural death -- or as we say, "from the womb to the tomb."   We contract services for commercial billboard messages, and volunteers construct and install smaller 4' x 8' banners on privately-owned properties. 


This page is updated periodically to show public messages we have used concerning life issues.  We intend to rebuild the Culture of Life in Tiffin & Seneca County, Ohio and to encourage other communities to do the same.  (Scroll down for additional images.) 


Donations to help fund public messages are always welcome, since we are an all-volunteer organization with a tax status of 501(c)(4).

2020 October Billboard Near St. Mary Cemetary.-RESIZED TO 50 PERCENTjpg.jpg
Pro-life billboard messages are routinely being changed.  Some of the most frequently used locations include:   St. Rt. 18 & US Rt 224 (near WalMart), St. Rt. 101 (near Clinton Firehouse), St. Rt. 53 North (near the Moose Lodge), St. Rt. 53 South (at the corporation limit), on Miami St. at Sandusky St. near Tiffin University campus), and -- when available -- on E. Market St. enroute to Heidelberg University. 

Tiffin RTL also leases space for a smaller vinyl sign on the fence at the Seneca County Fairgrounds. Space is rented for a monthly fee or by signing a contract for a full year at a discounted rate.  Tiffin RTL had annual contracts for 2021 and 2022 and plans to continue throughout 2023. 

Our message displays can be changed during the year.  They are easily seen at eye level by drivers who are required to stop at the intersection of Hopewell and Euclid Streets.  
Suggestions for positive, life-affirming messages on our sign at the Fairgrounds may be emailed to
(ideas are available at

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