F E D E R A L   N E W S 

House Democrats propose elimination of the Hyde Amendment. If the Hyde Amendment is dropped, this means federal tax dollars will be used for abortions in the United States. Immediately after taking the oath of office, President Biden eliminated the Mexico City Policy, resulting in US federal tax dollars being spent for abortions in other countries. Sign the petition to Congress at www.NoTaxpayerAbortion.com Congress is trying to force Americans to pay for abortions by eliminating the Hyde Amendment, which has protected taxpayers from funding elective abortion for 45 years. Then BILLIONS of TAXPAYER dollars could be used to PAY FOR ABORTIONS!

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022 in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, the individual States can now enact laws to protect the unborn.  In its June 24, 2022 decision the Inited States Supreme Court stated there is no US Constitutional right to abortion.  We thought each State would enact legislation without fear that a federal court would permit an injunction to the new law.  However, even common pleas court judges have permitted injunctions against the State laws.  Since the Dobbs Decision, Democratic legislators are doing everything they can to try to codify an abortion right into Federal Law, and State Legislators will need to move quickly to codify their State laws to protect the unborn.   

The so-called "Women's Health Care Protection Act:   Previously, lawmakers voted 48-46 against cloture -- against ending debate and allowing a vote on the misnamed Women's Health Protection Act.  As a result the filibuster against the radical pro-abortion legislation was sustained and the bill is defeated, as 60 votes were necessary to move ahead to vote on the bill.  All Republicans voted pro-life against cloture on the radical pro-abortion bill and all Democrats, except for Senator Joe Manchin, voted pro-abortion for cloture.  Democrat leaders and many mainstream news outlets portray the bill as an effort simply to "codify the right to an abortion in anticipation that Roe v. Wade would be overturned. 

According to Brian Clowes, PhD in an article published April 28, 2021, called "How Does Abortion Affect the United States?," the United States has aborted:

  • 2 United States presidents and 2 vice-presidents

  • 7 Supreme Court Justices, including one Chief Justice

  • 42 Nobel Prize winners

  • 108 state governors

  • 118 U.S. senators and 891 U.S. congressmen

  • 653 United States ambassadors

  • 206 Olympic medalists, including 80 gold medalists

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