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To borrow a "Roe vs. Wade" or "Unplanned"
DVD, contact Tiffin RTL President, Diane
Moyer, 419-447-2718.

The following are links to other pro-life websites:

Pro-life Responses to Pro-Choice Myths: 
Taken from the Catholic Diocese of Lexington, Ky.
Lie #1 – “A human fetus is not a human person.”
Response is, “At the moment of conception a unique organism comes into existence with human DNA – its own DNA.”
Lie #2 – “My body, my choice.”
Response is, “The unborn child is not a stomach, or part of a stomach, but a real growing person inside his/her mother’s womb.”
Lie #3 – “It’s just a blob of tissue, not a baby.”
Response is, “If you say babies are just blobs of tissue, fully grown people are blobs too, just bigger blobs.”
Lie # 4 – “Abortion is a woman’s right.”
Response is, “Neither men nor women have a right to kill an innocent child.”
Lie #5 – “Abortion is needed to prevent overpopulation.”
Response is, “This is false. The current birth rate in America is at 1.9, well below the replacement rate of 2.1. You can’t perform an intrinsically evil act to achieve something good.”
Lie #6 – “Abortion is needed in cases of rape and incest.”
Response is, “The poor child conceived through rape or incest doesn’t deserve the death penalty for the father’s crime.”
Lie #7 – “Abortion prevents poverty and suffering.”
Response is, “If you follow this twisted logic of this lie to the very end, what would prevent the killing of a three year old girl whose life is deemed a burden? By the way, euthanasia is already legal in Belgium.” I hope this gives you some concrete answers for rebuttal if you ever need them.


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