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The Tiffin Right to Life closely monitors and responds to legislative issues at the local, state and federal level relating to all stages of life. This is where you will find the latest news regarding what's currently being addressed by the Ohio Senate, Ohio House, United States Senate and United States House of Representatives.  

When you see a “Call to Action” or “Urgent” or a similar title in your email from Tiffin RTL or the Coalition, please act immediately. This is your way of being a voice for the voiceless! You do count. Your most recent one was about conscience protections for medical professionals.


On Dec. 1 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization went before the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court decides to ditch 50 years of abortion precedent and overturn Roe v. Wade, all state abortion lawmaking ability and all related regulations would be sent to the states for determination of what can and cannot be done within their own boundaries on this hot-button issue. The decision of the justices will not be made known until mid or late summer.

House Democrats propose elimination of the Hyde Amendment. If the Hyde Amendment is dropped, this means federal tax dollars will be used for abortions in the United States. Immediately after taking the oath of office, President Biden eliminated the Mexico City Policy, resulting in US federal tax dollars being spent for abortions in other countries. Sign the petition to Congress at www.NoTaxpayerAbortion.com Congress is trying to force Americans to pay for abortions by eliminating the Hyde Amendment, which has protected taxpayers from funding elective abortion for 45 years. Then BILLIONS of TAXPAYER dollars could be used to PAY FOR ABORTIONS!

According to Brian Clowes, PhD in an article published April 28, 2021, called "How Does Abortion Affect the United States?," the United States has aborted:

  • 2 United States presidents and 2 vice-presidents

  • 7 Supreme Court Justices, including one Chief Justice

  • 42 Nobel Prize winners

  • 108 state governors

  • 118 U.S. senators and 891 U.S. congressmen

  • 653 United States ambassadors

  • 206 Olympic medalists, including 80 gold medalists

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State of Ohio

Doctors and medical professionals across Ohio face daily challenges in providing medical care for their patients. Many are asked by their groups or hospitals to perform procedures against their moral and/or religious beliefs. 

Incorporated in the budget are the following life affirming provisions: 

  1. A "back-up" physician who signs for a variance in place of a hospital transfer agreement must meet specific requirements and have admitting privileges at a hospital within 25-miles.(Impacts Dayton's abortion mill)

  2. Funds are being directed to help support local programming directed to maternal health and support for pregnant mothers.

  3. Additional funding will be allocated to strengthen character-based sexual risk avoidance education programs in our schools and expand the successful Parenting and Pregnancy Program in Ohio.

  4. Religious Freedom protections are extended to Medical professionals - means doctors, nurses, and med students can not be punished for declining to perform abortions or prescribe puberty-blocking drugs to children.


The Ohio House is being pressured to remove this language. This Conscience Protection Clause is at Risk! 

Immediately contact :

Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp

urge him to protect those medical professionals

who truly want to live by their oath


Contact Speaker Bob Cupp now at his office: 


and/or email him at rep04@ohiohouse.gov

Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions

Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio proudly endorses Josh Mandel for US State Senator in the 2022 Ohio senatorial race (to replace outgoing senator, Bob Portman). Mandel has a strong pro-life record in Ohio. "At a time when the Heartbeat Bill was first being debated, Josh was the ONLY statewide official to not only support the Heartbeat Bill, but to champion it," states RTLACO President Linda Theis. His official website for more information can be found here: 

The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio (website www.rtlaohio.org)


Tiffin RTL has an affiliate membership with RTLACO (the “Coalition”), and Tiffin RTL members are encouraged to go to its website, click the “Get Involved” tab and then “Sign up for Alerts” in order to receive “Voter Voice” alerts from the Coalition.


These alerts will become an important and easy way to send a message to your Legislator(s) about life issues.

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According to ABC 13, Toledo, Foundation for Life recently bought a parking lot across the street from a Toledo abortion facility. Read more below:

A new bill, HB 480, was introduced in Nov. 2021 in the Ohio House by Representatives Jenna Powell and Thomas Hall. It's similar to the recent Texas law and would "authorize private right of action for abortion or aiding abortion." There are 33 co-sponsors in the Ohio House for this bill. One of them is Gary Click, 88th District. The bill has now been assigned to the Families, Aging and Human Services Committee (Click is a member). For more info visit: 


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