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L E G I S L A T I V E   N E W S

This page last updated 6/14/24

Tiffin Right to Life monitors legislative issues at the State, Regional, and Federal levels concerning all stages of life.  This is where you will find information regarding what's being addressed by the Ohio Senate, Ohio House; by other States, and the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. 
For additional information, please see our Sub-pages  for "Ohio" for "Regional" and "Federal" news pages. 

The photo above was the artwork copied from an article authored by Michael Miller and published online on 6/5/24 by    Two excerpts from his article include these statements:

1) Health care for some should not involve paying for the death of others.

2) To take an innocent life — for whatever reason — does not constitute health care.  Please take a few minutes to read what Miller says about medical insurance coverage and the issue of abortion -- see the full article by clicking Here.



Tiffin RTL Members:  When you see a “Call to Action” or “Urgent” or a similar title in your email from Tiffin RTL or forwarded from RTLACO,  please act immediately. This is your way of being a voice for the voiceless!  Your voice matters. 


Because of the geographic location of Tiffin, Ohio we have linked an updated LEGISLATIVE CONTACT sheet for 2024 here showing contact information for State and Federal legislators for this area.   Click Here to view the Legislative Contact sheet.

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