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5/31/23 Article by Kate Makra,
Executive Director, Cleveland RTL


Tackling the Truth:
The Troubling State of Our Culture

The Overpopulation Lie




Overcrowding  is a problem that should be solved by city administrators not by Overpopulation controllers.

Recently, liberal comedian Bill Maher said the quiet part out loud when he acknowledged that abortion is murder. But he glibly went on to say that he was ok with that because “there’s 8 billion people in the world. I’m sorry, we won’t miss you. That’s my position on it.”


According to Maher, abortion is justified because the world is facing a crisis of overpopulation. 


But let’s look at the facts. A new report from the US National Center for Health Statistics shows that births in America are continuing to decline to levels not seen in more than four decades. There were 3.59 million babies born in 2023, down 2% from 3.66 million recorded in 2022. This number is the lowest since 1979.  These numbers are below the replacement level, which is defined as the level at which a given generation can replace itself.

Other countries are dealing with plummeting birth rates as well. According to a list published by the Population Research Institute, nearly 100 countries including the UK, Italy, and Taiwan have populations projected to be below replacement fertility levels.


Even China, a country that strictly enforced a one-child policy for many years, has now reversed course.  As fewer babies were born and their elderly population ballooned, China decided to incentivize their citizens to have more children.


As evidenced by what is happening in China, declines in fertility can have a domino effect on future generations. When people live longer and millions of future taxpayers are aborted, fewer government resources are available to spend caring for the elderly. They are then viewed as a burden on society, which could very well lead to forced euthanasia. 


We must push back on the globalist lie that the world must be depopulated by means of abortion and euthanasia. All life is precious and must be protected!


Kate Makra

Executive Director 



An update on 3-28-24 from State Congressman Gary Click, Ohio's 88th District, on HB 68.  Background:  HB 68 was passed by both the Ohio House & Senate in 2023, then vetoed in Dec. 2023 by Gov. Mike DeWine.  The Governor's veto was overridden by both the Ohio House & Senate in January 2024.   This legislation protects minor children in Ohio from receiving sex altering drugs and surgeries and also protects women and girls who participate in competitive sports in Ohio from being forced to share locker room facilities with biological males.    Congressman Click's update:   "HB 68 – ACLU Files Lawsuit Attempting to Nullify SAFE Act -- The ACLU announced this week that it had officially filed a lawsuit against the state to challenge a provision of HB68 which protects Ohio’s youth from harmful, experimental gender medicine.   When asked about this lawsuit, Rep. Click expressed confidence in Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost’s ability to defend the law in court, and had the following to say:  'It is going to be a frivolous lawsuit because there is not (sic) constitutional right to sterilize children or to harm or to mutilate them. I believe that science and the law is on our side and we will prevail.' "

Planned Parenthood Wants to Remove Informed Consent on Abortion in Ohio, Putting Women’s Lives at Risk -- excerpt:  "Women and girls in Ohio do not have the right to receive information about abortion from medical professionals before making a decision, according to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood in a new lawsuit targeting the state’s informed consent and heartbeat laws. The legal action stems from the state’s passage of an abortion amendment in 2023 and is a “crucial step” in the abortion industry’s fight, says the president of Planned Parenthood Federation." 

See the full article dated April 3, 2004   HERE

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Full Statistics from the Ohio Dept. of Health for Induced Abortions Performed in Ohio for 2022 (the latest data available) are now available at this link: 


Please keep in mind that termination of an ectopic pregnancy to save the mother's life and spontaneous miscarriages or stillbirths are not considered to be "elective abortions."   

Some excerpts from the 2022 "Summary" by the Ohio Dept. of Health report include:

8.2% of women who obtained abortions in 2022 were under 20 years of age

29.5% were between the ages of 20-24 years of age

81.5% of women who obtained abortions in Ohio were never married, divorced, or widowed 

11.5% of women who obtained abortions in Ohio were married or separated 

Of all resident women who obtained abortions and for whom race was reported --  43.1% were White;
48.4% were Black; 3.1% were Asian/Pacific Islander;

5.1% reported more than one race; 5.8% of women with known ethnicity who obtained abortions were of Hispanic origin

The 2022 Ohio abortion rate was 7.8 per 1,000 resident women ages 15-44 years old, a decline from the 9.3 rate in 2021.    The 2022 Ohio resident abortion ratio was 134 abortions per 1,000 live births, a decline from the 160 ratio in 2021.

65% of all induced abortions in 2022 involved pregnancies of less than nine weeks and 22.5% involving pregnancies of nine to 12 weeks.  


49 preborn babies whose mothers resided in Seneca County, were aborted in 2022 -- What a tragedy for Seneca County and the wider population!  This is an increase from the 36 babies from Seneca County who died the previous year.   What a loss of hope for the future!   Where there is life, there is always hope! 

Pro-life groups are working diligently to provide hope and resources to women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.   Unplanned does not mean unwanted.  Pro-life advocates speak with mothers carrying an unplanned child and can help them find resources to assist them in caring for their child and assist with parenting classes and resources available to help raise their child --  or to help them contact an agency who can assist them in making an adoption plan for their baby.

342 abortions in 2022 involved pregnancies of 19 or more completed weeks of gestation -- that represents a decrease from the 486 reported in 2021. 

The vast majority of reported abortions were obtained in six major metropolitan areas of Ohio.

Curettage was the second most used method of pregnancy termination in 2022 (42%).  That method has
decreased since 2001 when 87% of terminations were by curettage. 


Mifepristone (commonly known as "The Abortion Pill") was reported as the medication for non-surgical termination for 8,966 abortions, followed by 3,997 terminations using Misoprostol, and 7 terminations using Methotrexate.  Based on this:   12,970 Ohio babies died by "pill abortions" / "chemical abortions" alone in 2022.   Additional Ohio babies died in 2022 by surgical abortions.

Viewers may want to review the entire report (linked above) to see how their particular county did in 2022.   We have also left the link to the previous year's report (statistics from 2021)  below for your comparison.




t t t t t t t t
Statistics available from the State of Ohio (2021 data) Induced Abortions Performed in the State of Ohio was published in September 2022.   Please keep in mind that termination of an ectopic pregnancy to save the mother's life and spontaneous miscarriages or stillbirths are not considered to be "elective abortions."   
Did you know that 36 babies whose mothers listed Seneca County as their county of residence lost their lives in 2021 by abortion?  That's as much as a whole classroom of children missing in the future from our Seneca County schools and and businesses.

Margie Christie
of Right to Life Action Coalition said this about the losses from induced abortions in Ohio during 2021, "These are catastrophic numbers from which our communities will never recover,"  she adds.  


Pro-life organizations across Ohio were devastated by the results of the November 7, 2023 Election.   Ohio voters passed Issue I, (55.68% “yes”  vs.  44.32% “no” votes), and now our State Constitution is amended to enshrine abortion rights for every individual.    Despite this setback, Tiffin Right to Life and other pro-life groups in Ohio are committed to assisting women and children in Ohio and working for their safety.    At this point, many Ohioans are wondering if Ohio will be pushed down the same path that Michigan is being pushed after Proposition 3 was passed there last year.    See more details about this on our "Legislative" - "Regional" Page.


With written permission from the Seneca County Commissioners, a group of Tiffin RTL members began meeting in mid-summer of 2021 on the 1st Friday of each month from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM at the corner of Market & Washington Streets in Tiffin, OH near the Seneca County Justice Center.    Our "Voices on the Square," group gathers in a peaceful assembly with signs and banners to raise public awareness for the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death.  If you are interested in participating, call 567-207-4260.

"Post Roe" Activities

Tiffin RTL Attends Ohio March for Life October 5, 2022 in Columbus

Educational Activities

In the early Spring 2023, Tiffin RTL hosted a series of "free movie" events at The Chandelier event center in Tiffin.  Movies were free and open to the public to show educational films about life issues. Click here for a summary of the movies shown.  Tiffin RTL also hosted a free "Town Hall Meeting" at The Chandelier on 6-7-23 inviting the general public to hear about upcoming ballot issues coming to Ohioans in August and November of 2023.  

"Monday Memo" is a weekly update from the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio with news about life issues.   This information is provided to Members of Tiffin Right to Life.

Members of Tiffin Right to Life are encouraged to submit a Letter to the Editor in local newspapers.

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