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Read the latest news release  below and statement from Protect Women Ohio about the misinformation and deception in the latest ad by proponents of the amendment to Ohio's Constitution.



Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023

Contact: Amy Natoce


Protect Women Ohio Releases Statement on Pro-Issue 1 Group’s Deceptive, Incomplete Ad


“The groups behind Issue 1 know their amendment is so wildly out of step with Ohio values that they won’t even tell Ohioans the truth about it. What are they so afraid of? They wrote this dangerous amendment – it’s time they own every single word of it.”

-Amy Natoce, press secretary for Protect Women Ohio


TOLEDO -- The group behind November’s anti-parent Issue 1, Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights (OURR), released its first ad today, failing to mention its most radical and dangerous aspects and spreading harmful misinformation about emergency miscarriage care in Ohio.


Protect Women Ohio (PWO) press secretary, Amy Natoce, said of the ad, “Big surprise – the backers of Issue 1 buried the lead about their radical anti-parent agenda. Again. Their newest ad is filled with distractions and holes, failing to mention that Issue 1 will strip parents of their rights, permit painful, late-term abortion on demand through all nine months, and remove commonsense health and safety protections for women. The groups behind Issue 1 know their amendment is so wildly out of step with Ohio values that they won’t even tell Ohioans the truth about it. What are they so afraid of? They wrote this dangerous amendment – it’s time they own every single word of it.”


OURR has been lying to Ohioans for months, saying Issue 1 will not gut parental consent and notification requirements, allow for abortion on demand through all nine months, or remove commonsense health and safety protections for women.


“The backers of Issue 1 have taken their lies to a whole new level in this ad, telling voters they cannot receive emergency miscarriage care under current Ohio law,” Natoce said. “This bold-faced lie is nothing more than fear mongering that puts women’s lives at risk, and is a desperate attempt to distract voters from the dangers lurking inside Issue 1. But Ohio voters only need to look to Michigan to see what is at stake.”


Michigan Democrats spent months during the Proposition 3 debate last year peddling the same lies. But Michigan Democrats, who control the state House and Senate, introduced a package of bills last week to repeal numerous pro-life, pro-woman protections, saying the protections are “unconstitutional” under Proposition 3. The bills seek to remove limitations on abortion through all nine months, including partial birth abortions, remove any protections for taxpayers from funding abortions, and eliminate basic health and safety standards for women. Michigan Democrats also intend to repeal requirements for abortionists to screen for coercion or report complications, leaving victims of domestic violence or trafficking completely unprotected and any evidence of a crime destroyed. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer even called Michigan’s parental consent laws “unconstitutional” under Prop 3.


“Michigan’s fight has now arrived at Ohio’s doorstep,” Natoce said. “When Ohioans learn the truth about the ACLU’s radical agenda that targets parents, children and women, they will undoubtedly vote ‘NO’ in November.”


Issue 1 is just the latest example of the ACLU’s war on parental rights. Background on the ACLU’s war on parents is available HERE. The ACLU has a long and well-documented history of fighting against parental rights, including in Alaska and Indiana. The ACLU specifically calls out parental involvement on its website, saying it would restrict “teenagers’ access to abortion.” Heritage Action recently released a report and video about the ACLU's attacks on parental rights in Ohio. In recent weeks, the ACLU has denounced parental notification requirements in schools, and the ACLU of Ohio's chief lobbyist confirmed that stance on Twitter.


A legal analysis of the extreme anti-parent amendment is available HERE from constitutional scholars Carrie Campbell Severino, President of Judicial Crisis Network, and Frank J. Scaturro, a former special counsel to the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives.



Protect Women Ohio is a pro-parent, pro-woman, pro-life coalition dedicated to defeating the ACLU’s extreme anti-parent amendment this November. PWO is made up of concerned family and life leaders, parents, health and medical experts, and faith leaders in Ohio.  To learn more please visit

Click Here for a hand-out copy requesting your NO Vote on Ohio Issue #1 in November with an explanation of WHY YOUR "NO" VOTE IS SO CRITICAL for the future of Ohio.

Also check our HOME page for information on the November 7th Election

Our pro-life war for the future of Ohio happens on November 7th when Ohio voters will have  chance to:

1) enshrine abortion rights for "any individual" throughout the entire 9-months of any pregnancy,

2) make unenforceable all existing laws protecting  minor children by virtue of parental notification and consent to abortion or other drugs and surgeries regarding their "reproductive" organs,

3) ensure that these new reproductive rights can be paid for with Ohio taxpayer dollars for the newly-mandated "rights," and

4) make it impossible for the Ohio legislature to enact any future laws restricting these new constitutional rights.

Please check the links on our Home page for access to additional information on

1) the full text of the proposed amendment,

2) a mark-up of the proposed amendment showing the dangers involved if the amendment passes,

3) an article by attorneys who reviewed the language and called it a "Disaster" for Ohio if it passes.


Click HERE  to see a mark-up of the amendment language for November 7. (consider this as "required reading")  The text in black was written by the ACLU and is the language that will be on the November 7 ballot.  The red and blue mark-up notes are from the pro-life organization, Created Equal, showing the language manipulation designed to mislead voters. 

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been working for years to undermine parental authority.   The ACLU and Planned Parenthood and other abortion activists are working together to pass an amendment to Ohio's Constitution on November 7.   They named their ballot initiative “The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety."  The language is broad and very vague.   In the link that follows (at the end of this paragraph) is more "required reading" for every voter to understand the issue language before voting in November:   Constitutional scholars who have examined this amendment agree that if this passes in November 2023, the results will be disastrous for Ohioans.  Click Here for their analysis.  




Click on the buttons below for a short video and a printed article on how the ACLU is wanting to eliminate parents from assisting their minor children in life-changing decisions.

The ballot issue being put forth in November by Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and their allies is NOT what the majority of Ohioans want.   They named their issue “Right to Reproductive Freedom With Protections for Health and Safety.”  The title is misleading, and when you read the language, you will see how vague and broad it is.   This is NOT what the majority of Ohioans want.

             ***  PLEASE VOTE NO ON OHIO ISSUE 1. ***  
We urge early in-person voting beginning on October 11, or Vote No via Absentee Ballot, or vote No on November 7 at your local precinct. 


                      *** A "No" vote is the Pro-Life Vote. ***


The latest statistics available from the State of Ohio (2021 data) on Induced Abortions Performed in the State of Ohio was published in September 2022.   Please keep in mind that termination of an ectopic pregnancy to save the mother's life and spontaneous miscarriages or stillbirths are not considered to be "elective abortions."   
Did you know that 36 babies whose mothers listed Seneca County as their county of residence lost their lives in 2021 by abortion?  That's as much as a whole classroom of children missing in the future from our Seneca County schools and and businesses.

Margie Christie, of Right to Life Action Coalition, said of the losses from induced abortions, "These are catastrophic numbers from which our communities will never recover,"  she adds.   ACCESS THE FULL REPORT STATISTICS HERE

"Post Roe" Activities

Tiffin RTL Attends Ohio March for Life October 5, 2022 in Columbus

Educational Activities


In the early Spring 2023, Tiffin RTL hosted a series of "free movie" events at The Chandelier event center in Tiffin.  Movies were free and open to the public to show educational films about life issues. Click here for a summary of the movies shown.

Also, Tiffin RTL hosted a free "Town Hall Meeting" at The Chandelier on June 7, 2023 and invited the general public to hear about upcoming ballot issues coming to Ohioans in August and November of 2023.  

"Monday Memo" is a weekly update from the Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio with news about life issues.   This information is provided to Members of Tiffin Right to Life.

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